Below you will find all the information you need about the different Home Automation solutions Dovado supports.


Z-Wave (Bi-Directional 800/900MHz Wireless):

As of firmware 8.3.0, the DOVADO PRO router includes support for Z-Wave Home Automation USB controllers & devices. Z-Wave offers a large international availability of products (over 325 manufacturers) and is a bi-directional wireless technology; meaning that you can confirm whether or not an appliance has been switched on or not...

1) Insert the Z-Wave USB Controller Stick into a vacant USB port of the DOVADO PRO router model.

2) Visit the AUTOMATION->Z-Wave page.

As Z-Wave devices (referred to as “nodes”) memorize their former network associations, it is recommended to remove their former associations first in order to pair them to your Z-Wave USB stick’s network.



1) First, make sure to place the Z-Wave device close to the router as pairing is done in low-power mode. The reason for is a precautionary one: It’s to make sure you don’t end up pairing with your next-door neighbor’s Z-Wave appliance at the same time.

2) Then click on Remove Node. Immediately thereafter, quickly push the button on the Z-Wave device 3 times within a 2 second period. This should clear the previous association.

3) Finally, click on Add Node and, quickly push the button on the Z-Wave device 3 times within a 2 second period. It will appear on the list below with a Node ID, Type and State of operation.

4) Proceed to the Aliases page and enter a name for your associated Z-Wave node. Then click on the Protocol dropdown menu and select Z-Wave Switches and Dimmers.

5) Click on Add Alias, and it’ll appear on the list below.

6) Test that it works by visiting the Manual Control page and pushing On and Off on that node.


Aside to desktop-view web-based remote control, you can also automate in the following manner:


  • SMS: Send an SMS command to your DOVADO PRO (if you have configured it in the SMS->REMOTE CONTROL page) “bedroom1 on” and “bedroom1 off.
  • PC: Use the DovTelCon taskbar app.www.dovtelcon.info
  • Mobile Web: Using your smartphone, visit the router’s login page and then click on AUTOMATION below.

Scheduler:  It is possible to set up a schedule with fixed/random times for switching on and off appliances. You can also use dynamic rules such as sunrise & sunset if you insert the GPS coordinates of your router into the POSITION->SETTINGS page (Fixed Position).


Supported Z-Wave USB sticks:

Aeotec/Aeon Labs Z-Stick (2nd & 5th gen.)


Vision Security ZU1401





As of firmware 7.3.0, the DOVADO PRO has been complimented with the ability to automate your appliances via a Belkin WeMo Switch! As the Belkin WeMo is based on WiFi, it offers the ability to confirm your actions. For instance, if you send in a “heater off” SMS command to your DOVADO PRO, you will be able to verify that it is actually switched off as the DOVADO PRO will check the status of that heater upon your request (via web)...


A bit about the Belkin WeMo Switch: In short, it’s an electrical wall-socket which can switch On/Off any appliance you plug into it. This can be anything from a lamp to a computer or a heater. It then communicates with your router via WiFi and out towards the Internet. A mobile app (from Belkin) is available for general setup and control, however with the DOVADO PRO you now have the means of controlling via its Scheduler, SMS commands and desktop app (DovTelCon). The Belkin WeMo Switch is available worldwide, and communicates over the older 802.11b/g protocols, which means you should run your DOVADO PRO in the default 802.11b/g/n fashion in case you have 802.11n devices within your network. As the DOVADO PRO supports up to 32 simultaneous WiFi clients, you can cover your house with plenty of WeMo switches during the holiday season!



  1. 1.Download the Belkin WeMo mobile app (iOS/Android) from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. 2.Open the app and get started by adding a new WeMo Switch.
  3. 3.Insert the Belkin WeMo Switch into a vacant electrical wall-socket while holding down the RESTORE button at the back of the WeMo Switch for 5 seconds.
  4. 4.Go to the WiFi SETTINGS in your smartphone and select your WeMo (instead of your router).
  5. 5.Then jump back into the Belkin WeMo app and proceed with the setup.
  6. 6.You will be presented the opportunity to personalize your WeMo Switch with a different name (if you so choose). Make sure that “Remember Wi-Fi Settings” is ticked in if you plan on adding several WeMo's later on. Proceed.
  7. 7.The Belkin WeMo Switch will now scan its immediate WiFi proximity and present which WiFi networks are nearby. Select your DOVADO PRO and enter the WiFi password (if necessary). Connect.
  8. 8.After connecting, the app will say that it’s lost connection with your WeMo Switch, which is fine because it is now paired with your DOVADO PRO. You can now exit the app.
  9. 9.Log into your DOVADO PRO’s admin page ( ) and proceed to the AUTOMATION page.
  10. 10.Proceed to the ALIASES sub-page, select the following protocol: BELKIN->WeMo Switch. Push Scan. This will look for the vacant WeMo Switch.
  11. 11.Once it has been located, it will pre-fill the Alias name. You can change that name to whatever you want (“bedroom1”, for example).


From there, you can automate in the following manner:

SMS: Send an SMS command to your DOVADO PRO (if you have configured it in the SMS->REMOTE CONTROL page) “bedroom1 on” and “bedroom1 off.

Mobile App (DOVADO Remote): Available for Android/iOS.

PC: Use the DovTelCon taskbar app. www.dovtelcon.info

Web: Go to the AUTOMATION->MANUAL CONTROL page and Execute On or Off.

Scheduler: It is possible to set up a schedule with fixed/random times for switching on and off appliances. You can also use dynamic rules such as sunrise & sunset if you insert the GPS coordinates of your router into the POSITION->SETTINGS page (Fixed Position).



VATTENFALL (WiFi-based):

Dovado proudly offers support for the Smart Home product line from Vattenfall (Sweden). It means that we will gladly assist you with the pairing of Vattenfall’s three WiFi-based products; the Smart Plug, Smart Temp and EnergyWatch, together with your Dovado router. Below are the instruction guides which have been written by us, along with our own tutorial videos (available only in English)...


The Vattenfall devices are all based on the 802.11b WiFi protocol (as supported by your Dovado router), and offer the ability to display the On/Off status of your connected home appliances, along with an updated reading of your current/accumulated wattage consumption; and indoor & outdoor temperatures. Vattenfall has a smartphone app called EnergyWatch (iOS & Android) which allows you to remotely control these three devices from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to create an account on www.energywatch.se


iOS Screenshot Vattenfall



Vattenfall Smart Plug

The Smart Plug allows you to control the power switching (On/Off state) of any appliance. It will also present the wattage consumption of the appliance you’re controlling. Very practical for vehicle/home heaters, servers, lamps, fans, etc. You can also create the schedules of what times and days the appliance will be on or off.




How to pair a Vattenfall Smart Plug together with your Dovado router:




Click here for written instructions for the Smart Plug



Vattenfall Smart Temp

Simply put, the Smart Temp is a WiFi-based thermometer, showing you the indoor and outdoor temperature of its location. It operates on 3 x AA batteries for up to a year, but can also work on DC power (Micro-USB contact + AC/DC adapter not included). The Smart Temp can collect 2-4 weeks of offline data prior to uploading everything to the central server for future reference.


Smart Temp


How to pair a Vattenfall Smart Temp together with your Dovado router:




Click here for written instructions for the Smart Temp



Vattenfall EnergyWatch

In every home that is outfitted with a central power meter, each meter outputs data locally via an InfraRed (IR) or LED interface. If you are unsure where the interface is located, and what mode it communicates, then contact your power company. The EnergyWatch contains a cable with a data-collection probe that can be switched from IR to LED and vice versa. This cable then feeds the data into the EnergyWatch, which then sends the information via WiFi to your Dovado router. From there, it sends all of the information in real-time to your profile on www.energywatch.se


Using an EnergyWatch will allow you to monitor and pinpoint the energy culprits within your home, such as the water boiler, radiators, etc. It presents graphs for hourly, daily, monthly, and annual consumption. There is even a 12-minute graph to provide further details.




Click here for written instructions for the EnergyWatch




TELLSTICK (433.92MHz wireless) & GEMBIRD (USB-wired):

With this combination, you'll be able to remotely control all the lights and appliances in your home by sending an SMS from your mobile phone...


With the TellStickTM, you'll have the extra benefit of wirelessly controlling all the appliances throughout your home. In order to control an appliance's power switching capability, you will need to have a compatible wireless receiverplugged into the wall-socket which will be controlled by the TellStickTM.

See the following video demonstration of how this is done:





Available Control Methods

iPhone / Android mobile application: Dovado Remote Control

Visit www.dovado.com/apps for further information.



SMS Remote Control

If your SIM card and USB modem support SMS in the Dovado PRO or Dovado 4GR, then you'll be able to employ this feature to remotely power appliances on and off from your mobile phone. A short text command can be sent from your phone to administer this task instantly. You can control a single receiver or all, if you like.

A few examples of short text commands are:

• "Lamp1 on" and "Lamp1 off": where "Lamp1" is a configurable alias name of a receiver that can be turned on or off by SMS.

• "All on" and "All off" : where "All" represents all the units on the alias list of configured wireless receivers.




HTTP (Web) Control

If you're running a Dynamic DNS service/static IP address on your Dovado PRO or Dovado 4GR, you can access it from outside your network, and take manual control over the TellStick Home Automation user interface.





allows you to schedule in events to power on/off individual/all devices around the home. Besides applying general daily rules, it also allows you to create specific one-time events. The automation scheduler can also work according to daily times of sunrise and sunset. This feature requires you enter your GPS co-ordinates or use a compatible GPS USB dongle with your PRO or 4GR.




API (Application Programme Interface):

Example: DovTelCon, the Dovado TellStick Controller!

Utilizes the embedded API option, and can control all devices for Home Automation, such as TellStick, GemBird and Wake-on-LAN.


To download, please visit https://www.dovtelcon.info/


Home Automation Controllers

TellStick - Wireless control




TellStickTM specifications:

• Made by Telldus Technologies

• Frequency: 433.92Mhz (ISM band)

• Range: 30 meters

• Connectivity: USB1.1 / USB2.0

• Supported number of wallplugs: Unlimited


Gembird - Wired control



Gembird SilverShield Power Manager specifications:

• Made by Gembird

• Connectivity: USB1.1 / USB2.0

• Supported number of controllable sockets: EG-PMS2 (4 sockets). Legacy models: mSIS-PM (1 socket), SIS-PM (4 sockets).





Missed an important SMS from your operator?





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