Are your thumbs itching for some action? The power is in your hands! Now you can remotely control your Dovado router by sending it an SMS! You can even receive event notifications on your phone from the Dovado router. It doesn't matter if your Internet connection is 4G/LTE, 3G or 2G. If your modem and operator support SMS, you can make use of this tool. 

As the Dovado routers are enabled for SMS traffic with the introduction of a mailbox, we have also been very busy in adding in features that will add further capability.

Check out the following video demo!



SMS Remote Control

If your SIM card and USB modem support SMS in the Dovado router, then you'll be able to employ this feature to remotely control the router from your mobile phone. A short text command can be sent from your phone to administer this task instantly.

The short commands are:

STATUS: The router will reply to you saying that it's either Connected or Disconnected from the Internet. The SMS will also contain the IP address of the Internet connection along with signal information.

RESTART: The router will restart itself (along with the inserted modem).

DISCONNECT: The router will disconnect itself from the mobile network. Internet connection will be dropped, though SMS will still be active.

RECONNECT: The router will disconnect itself from the mobile network and connect again immediately, as a basic redial.

CONNECT: The router will connect itself to the mobile network. Internet connection will be enabled.

For home automation commands (only with 4GR and UMR models), go to our Home Automation page.






Missed an important SMS from your operator?





Download the new Dovado Remote Control APP on your iPhone or Android.