VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN allows you to connect your home network to your office network, so you can hook up one, several or all devices to your office. Your home will become a virtual extension of your office! All of the traffic between your home and office will be encrypted, keeping your real-time data transfers safe and sound. 

As of firmware 7.0, the Dovado TINY/GO/DOMA/PRO router models contain a VPN client based on the PPTP (Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol), a global VPN standard with 128-bit encryption.

After enabling the VPN client in the Dovado router, you can add multiple profiles in the VPN Phonebook if you so choose. To switch between profiles, simply select which one you want to change to; make that profile “default”, and restart the router after applying the changes.



There are also some handy options available, which act as traffic rules for your network.

If the VPN link were to drop (by accident) and remain that way, you can specify whether or not you want the computers on your network to access the Internet directly without the VPN tunnel. This could be good to have in case your corporate firewall is doing a great job at blocking viruses and Trojans than your regular ISP is! It is also a good indicator that the VPN is permanently down and needs looking into.

In addition to that option, you can also specify if you want the router to retry more than just 3 redials in case the VPN drops. You can specify any number or just set it to unlimited attempts.


Cool Extras!

However, a really cool feature is that you can specify which IP addresses on your Local Area Network (LAN) you want to use the VPN tunnel. The rest will not use the tunnel, and will route locally through your ISP. This is particularly handy when you only require several computers (not all) to use the same VPN tunnel; offering a great deal of flexibility! In addition to this feature, you can also specify your Port Forwarding rules to be optionally applicable on the VPN (PPTP) or Direct IP link. The choice is yours.

To top it all, we have extended our Dynamic DNS client to include multiple profiles (simultaneously), allowing you to designate a client specifically for the Direct IP and another one for the VPN IP.


VPN Status Info

When connected to the VPN server, the router will display the IP address of your VPN client atop the Status Overview Bar. However, if you do not wish to expose this information to any unwanted visitors, then you can disable the Status Overview Bar.




You can also request the VPN IP address by sending the status SMS command to your Dovado router. It shall be presented in the following manner:






Missed an important SMS from your operator?





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