About Us
Dovado develops software that facilitates internet sharing in the simplest way.
Dovado’s products are compatible with all types of connections,
providing unbeatable WiFi stability.

Who are we?

We are a Swedish company developing and selling routers for all types of broadband, including mobile broadband via 3G/4G. Our innovative software is constantly being refined by our development team in order to maintain a unique stability and offer features that the market requires.

The Company
Who we are and what we do.

What differentiates us?

We have full control over the software in our routers which guarantees a stable and secure connection, providing the highest performance and market-leading coverage of your WiFi.

We develop your product, even after you have purchased and installed it, with new updates that are easily installed. Always free of charge!

This is why you should choose Dovado!

You should be able to rely on your WiFi as much as your electricity or water supply at home or in the office- it should simply always work. We guarantee that our products will work just as quietly and steadily.

Let’s be honest – you don’t really want to think about your router – it should just do its job! Our clients are able to forget about their router and simply enjoy a stable and consistently-functioning WiFi every single day.

Our advantages

We are a small and competent organisation that listens to our users. Thanks to our flexibility and responsiveness, we have continuously developed our products based on the demands and requests received directly from our users.

We always focus on the need for a well-functioning and stable WiFi, rather than on trends that no one truly benefits from in the long run. Thanks to our philosophy based on being close to our end users, we have gained a large and loyal client base over the years.
We are known as experts in mobile connectivity thanks to our history where we - unlike anyone else - have been able to support all kinds of USB modems on the market. That mobile expertise will remain our focus, but our products are just as suitable for a fixed internet connection that most users have today via e.g. fiber, cable or ADSL.

We were established in 2004 and have since had our development department based in Kista, just outside of Stockholm. Here we don’t just conduct our product development, but also our global marketing and sales. Over the years, Dovado has received a stable and recurrent clientbase across the world within many fields of application, such as home/office WiFi, M2M and IoT.

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