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In order to maintain a stable WiFi connection with today's high demands for an uninterrupted connection throughout the home, several units are required to connect together under a common network. That is the basis for a so-called mesh network. The units interlink with each other in an intelligent way, directing traffic for optimal performance.

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With a Dovado router you can connect to the Internet in a multitude of ways, including fixed broadband through cable as well as mobile broadband through a USB modem or mobile hotspot. You can also connect to an existing nearby WiFi through Spotboost and configure fail-over between all these interfaces for maximum uptime.


Connection Tracker allows you to automatically monitor your Internet connection by continually checking that data is actually passing through properly to the Internet. If this check fails at any point, the router can be set to re-initialize the current connection or fail over to a secondary (or even third) connection for maximum uptime.


We give you a free trial of SafeDNS for safer surf via content filtering (parental control) and malware protection, which protects you from cybercriminals trying to steal important data.

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Remotely control your Dovado router by sending it an SMS. You can also receive notifications on your phone from the Dovado router when a certain amount of data has been used or other events occur. All you need is a USB modem that supports SMS (see the Modems list) and a subscription with SMS enabled.


SpotBoost™ allows you to connect to an existing WiFi network for Internet access. This can for example be used on public networks at camping sites, hotels etc. to strengthen the reception while allowing you to use all the other features our routers offer.


The use of Bridge Mode will allow you to take the IP address that arrives from the mobile operator network and funnel it straight down into the first device that sits behind your Dovado router. This for example allows you to connect mobile broadband to another router or firewall that does not support USB modems without introducing a double NAT.


Dovado Pro AC can be used as a hub for your Home Automation needs using protocols such as Z-Wave and Tellstick. Features include setting timers based on time and/or sunrise or sunset as well as manual remote control using our app.


SmartUSB is a unique hardware attribute available in all current Dovado routers that can reset the USB modem by temporarily cutting power to the USB port. This ensures maximum uptime if there is a temporary issue with the USB modem.

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