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In order to maintain a fast and stable WiFi connection meeting today's high demands for an uninterrupted connection throughout the home or office, several units are required to connect together under a common network. That is the basis for a so-called mesh WiFI network which is now available to our customers through our new WiFi XL Mesh Kit. The units interlink with each other in an intelligent way, directing traffic for optimal performance all over your home or office.

Our WiFi XL Mesh Kit consists of a main device that connects to incoming Internet with two satellite units that can be strategically placed in locations with the best coverage. Together, the three units build a WiFi under a common name and password with uninterrupted and intelligent handover which, for example, provides uninterrupted streaming as you move around inside your home.

Unlike regular WiFi repeaters, the satellite units in a mesh network all communicate with each other and the main router over a separate backhaul network. This allows for intelligent handover and redirecting of traffic for a more consistent experience when moving around your house. Each satellite unit also has an Ethernet port that can be used both for wired connection of the extender to the main router as well as connecting any devices with no WiFi to the network.

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