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Please review the material on this support portal as well as the documentation in the manual which you can reach from the web interface in your router. If you feel that your technical issue requires further assistance, make sure to upgrade your router with the latest available firmware prior to contacting us. In our experience, a firmware update tends to solve many issues.

Our phone support is available between 09:00-17:00 (GMT+1) Mon-Fri at +46 8 5229 1885.

You can also contact us through the form further down on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I get started?

If you are using one of our current models with a fixed broadband connection all you have to do is connect the Ethernet cable from your fiber connection, ADSL modem etc. to the WAN port on the router and then power it on (along with the satellite units if you are using the WiFi XL). Wait for a couple of minutes and you should then be able to connect to the WiFi using the password printed on the router and access the Internet. We then suggest that you install the latest firmware update from our website or Live Upgrade in the router interface at to get the latest features and fixes.

If you are using a USB modem for Internet access you may need to start by downloading the latest firmware update from our website to get the latest modem support. When you have done this it should also connect automatically when inserted unless there is a PIN code on the SIM card or other manual settings you need to configure for your subscription. In that case, please log on to in your web browser when connected to the router and run through the Configuration Wizard to set things up.

If you intend to connect the router to an existing WiFi for Internet access using Spotboost please log on to web interface at through your web browser and run through the Configuration Wizard. We then recommend that you install the latest firmware update from our website or Live Update in the router interface at to get the latest features and fixes.

My Internet connection does not work or keeps dropping

Please make sure you have the latest firmware version for your router installed as there may have been recent fixes affecting stability or USB modem support. Also double check that you have the correct settings configured in the Configuration Wizard.

If the issue persists, please test to confirm that there are no issues when connecting the Internet source straight to a computer. If the issue remains when connected straight to a computer you need to contact your ISP (or the hardware manufacturer etc. if you are using separately bought equipment) for support as it is not an issue with the router. You may be able to soften the blow of any network or provider hardware issues by enabling Connection Tracker in the router, but any issues "upstream" will always affect stability to some degree.

How do I upgrade the software (firmware) in the router to the latest version?

If you already have a working Internet connection through the router you can upgrade by logging on to in your web browser from a device behind the router (the default username is "admin" and the default password is "password") and then go to UPGRADE -> Live Upgrade to download the latest version from our servers. This feature is available in our current routers and from firmware version 6.1.0 in our older products.

If you do not already have Internet working through the router (or if you are using one of our older products) you need to download the latest version for your model from here and then run the Windows or macOS Firmware Utility when connected to the router or upload the bin file through the web interface.

Why do I get lower speeds when using the Internet through the router?

If you are using a USB modem, make sure you are running the tests with the modem in the exact same position when used through the router as when you test it in a computer etc. There could be major difference even on very small distances and what may seem like a better location for the modem may actually be worse. If you are getting satisfactory speeds through the Ethernet LAN ports but not through WiFi, make sure that the WiFi chips in your devices actually support the same speed as the router and please note that real world WiFi transfer speeds are very far from the advertised (link) speeds. This is true for all WiFi devices, not just Dovado routers. If there are other WiFi networks in the vicinity you can also try changing the channel of the network as interference can cause performance degradation.

My firmware upgrade seems to have failed and I cannot access my router any longer

If you upgraded using the Firmware Utility from our website just go to the Rescue tab and follow the instructions. If you used Live Upgrade or a bin file, please download the Firmware Utility for the latest firmware version for your router from the Software section on this website and then proceed to go to the Rescue tab and follow the instructions.

I have forgotten the username and password to log on to the router

The factory settings for logging in to the web interface on our routers are "admin" as username and "password" as password. If these do not work and you have can not remember what you have changed them to you need to do a factory reset by holding down the reset button for 8 seconds and then wait 3 minutes. The router needs to have been powered on for at least 1 minute when you do this. Once the reset is complete you should be able to log in to web interface using "admin" as username and "password" as password. The above solution also applies if you have changed the password for the WiFi network from the default (printed on a label on the router) and connecting through Ethernet to a LAN port is not an option. If you are able to connect through Ethernet to the router and remember the credentials for the web interface you can log in to the router and see the current password under WIFI in the web interface.

How do I activate the Connection Tracker feature for maximum uptime or failover?

Start by logging in to the router interface and go to INTERNET -> Connection Tracker. Enable the feature and enter at least two different public IP addresses that reply to ping in the corresponding text fields. You can use the "Test now" button to make sure that they are indeed responding to ping before proceeding. Under Failure Handling you then choose what the router should do in the event that it is no longer getting responses on the primary interface. You can set it to redial/reinitialize the connection, redial and restart itself if it fails after three attempts or failover to a secondary interface. If you use failover and ping contact is restored on the primary interface the router will automatically switch back.

How do I connect an external antenna to the router or my USB modem?

You can swap the WiFi antenna(s) on all of our routers with removable external antennas such as PRO AC and TINY. The connector is called RP-SMA and we suggest you contact a dealer with good knowledge of WiFi to get the best advice for your situation.

If you want to add an external antenna for better 4G/3G reception that needs to be connected straight to the USB modem. The router is not involved in this connection so your USB modem needs to have external antenna ports. These are usually located under small lids on the modem, so please check your device. We suggest you contact a dealer with good knowledge of 4G/3G to get the best advice for your situatione.

GPL Notice

Open source software notice This product includes certain open source or other software originated from third parties that are subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Library/Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and different and/or additional copyright licenses, disclaimers and notices. 3rd parties may obtain a complete corresponding machine-readable copy of the source code of such software under the GPL or LGPL at Alternatively, Dovado offers to provide such source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution, such as the cost of media, shipping and handling, upon written request to:

Dovado FZ-LLC
Dubai Internet City
Al-Thuraya Tower 1, office 504
P.O. Box 500422
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This offer is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of the distribution of this product by Dovado.

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